Medical Hospital placement offers medical volunteering opportunities in Africa for medical students and experienced medical student doctors who want to hone their skills and work in different hospitals. The medical volunteers in Africa will be placed in demanding and high-need hospitals or clinics in Arusha. We are proud to have medical volunteer opportunities in Africa through the year. The placements are modified to meet the varied experiences, interests, course requirements, and abilities of our interns. Qualified doctors will supervise you during the whole period of your placement until you finish your medical volunteering in Arusha, Africa. You can choose where you want to work and the hospital department of your interest. By joining medical placement, you will have unique experiences of local Tanzania healthcare. We have a wide range of placements such as:

Government regional hospitals – Medical volunteers in Africa are placed in the largest government run institutions that have big and demanding wards. The volunteering doctors will be involved in various tasks at all levels of practices like transmittable diseases and other diseases.

Government district hospital – These hospitals are smaller compared to regional hospitals and focus on providing basic care services. This placement will help you practice medicine better and have wonderful practical experiences.

Primary healthcare clinics – They are places where you will work with our nurses to learn pediatrics and child healthcare. You may also need to participate in treatments of infectious diseases like malaria and run vaccination clinics.

Based on your preference and specialization, you can choose the kind of hospital that you prefer to work with. Let us know in advance, so we can find the best placement that meets your needs.